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KCM Advisors is a Real Estate investment company in the US. We have broad based relationships, a successful track record, and capital markets expertise that can provide differentiated access and investment capabilities.

Disciplined Active Investing

We believe that long-term capital appreciation is achieved by committing equity to high quality projects with strong management that are looking to fund acquisition or expansion. We seek to generate superior returns actively by making strategic investments with carefully researched themes, in buy-outs, expansion capital, stressed/distressed situations.


Strong Global Network & Access

We have strong expertise in real estate private equity investing experience. Our wide network provides access to well-regarded management teams, private equity groups and leading corporations. We work with a trusted network of leaders and industry captains to validate opportunities in public and private markets, and to test the profitability of such investment ideas. We develop strategic partnerships to increase our investor base so that we are ever-ready to capitalize excellent opportunities that arise. 


Emphasis on Performance

We emphasize successful execution, even in difficult market environments to generate strong and sustainable returns for our investors.   We only invest when the reward-risk balance is strongly in our favour.

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